Tweetbot 2.4 hits the App Store. Brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes

Popular Twitter client Tweetbot by Tapbots has received a significant update in the App Store. The Tweetbot version 2.4 brings several new features to the app for both iPhone and iPad including ability to change the current location for nearby tweets, location based keyword searches, ability to change trends location from search page, offline favorite and Read Later support and much more. Several bugs have also been fixed in this update and enhancements been made for existing features such as the search view has been updated, search box has been improved etc. The download links and full change log can be found after the break.

– Updated Search view
– Nearby tweets added with ability to change location
– Location-based keyword searches
– Improved search box for efficiency.
– Trends and People categories moved to browse section
– Added Top Tweets in browse section
– Can  now change trends location from the search view
– Double-tap search tab to open search with keyboard
– Keyword mute filters (with regex option and ability to mute mentions as well)
– Offline Favorite and Read Later support (for you subway passengers)
– Basic smart quote support when composing (ex: quotes become smart quotes, … becomes an ellipsis, and — becomes an em dash)
– When viewing an image full screen on the iPad you can hold down on it for options
– List views now show one line of a list or profile description on the iPad
– Top tweets show up in search results (marked by silver star violator)
– Dismiss web and map views on the iPad with a 2-finger swipe down gesture.
– Can now swipe to the right on profile views to go back one level
– Improved find location speed and accuracy
– Sending to pinboard now marks items as unread
– Muting a client automatically mutes mentions from that client as well
– Fixed iPad bug where you couldn’t take profile photos with the camera
– Fixed missing tweet sound when publishing a tweet.
– Various other bug fixes

Tweetbot is available in the App Store for $2.99 for iPhone and iPad separately.

Download Tweetbot (iPhone)


Download Tweetbot (iPad)


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