PressReader app for iPhone and iPad [Review]

Post-PC devices that include the iPhone and iPad are changing the ways we used to perform different tasks, and this also includes content consumption. Now people want to read their magazine, newspapers, and other readable content right on their digital devices. Majority of people does not want to carry a newspaper while going to work or buy a magazine issue from the book store. This is where apps like PressReader for iPhone and iPad come in. PressReader is an app that allows users to read their favorite newspaper right on their iOS device without much effort. The app features over 2,100 newspapers originating from 95 different countries in 54 languages. The app is optimized for both iPhone and iPad so iOS users will be able to take advantage of this app on both of their devices. Read on for our review of PressReader app for iOS devices.

PressReader app fully supports the new iPad’s Retina Display screen and offers a responsive UI that makes using the it a delight. The app not only allows users to read their favorite newspapers, but also features an option that let’s users to listen to the text of any article thanks to the build in narration feature. User can simply download an issue of their desired newspaper by tapping on it from ‘My Library’ tab.


Though PressReader provides localized list of newspapers, users can change their current country by tapping on the ‘Source’ button located at the top right of their screen. They can choose from the list of 95 countries and download their favorite titles even if they are not present in any listed country in particular.


Downloading an issue of a newspaper is very simple, users can tap on the newspaper they want to read from the list, and from the download page tap on the ‘Download’ button. They can also tell the app to auto deliver new issue of newspaper when it becomes available. When this option is turned on, whenever user opens PressReader, the new issue of his/her desired newspaper is downloaded and ready to be read.

PressReader running on an iPad

As i have mentioned in the post above, PressReader is fully compatible with the iPad. It has been optimized for the Retina Display screen of the new iPad and provides users with an experience that is far more superior than holding an actual newspaper in hand.

Navigating between different pages on iPad as well as on iPhone is simple and very intuitive. Users can navigate between different pages of an issue by tapping on the bar that appears at the bottom of their screen. The bar features a slider that users can slide with their fingers and get directly on the page they want to read.

PressReader displays full view of the page, but if a user wants to read an article, he or she can simply tap on the blue-marked headline of the article. When an headline is tapped, the app opens that very article in a minimalistic reader mode that is similar to Safari’s Reader mode, that features the content of the article, nothing more or less. This mode of reading allows users to enjoy the article without any distraction.

PressReader app packs many useful features that makes this app a must have. Users can print page or print an entire screen by simply tapping a button from the menu. They can also tell the app to read aloud the article of their choice, which is very useful.

Final Verdict:


Personally i do not read news papers at all, let alone reading them on my iOS device, but i really liked PressReader as an app and as a service. The app is very responsive, though it crashes a few times when heavily used. The app works seamlessly with the service and downloading a new issue is really simple and convenient. PressReader has a wide range of available local newspapers from a large number of countries which makes the app useful for a wide range of users, all belonging to different parts of the world.  If you are looking for an app that could make your iOS device replace the traditional printed newspaper, then you should give PressReader a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

The PressReader app is available for free in the App Store, but users have to sign up for the service by going to PressDisplay’s site. There are several packages available for users who can sign up and then authorize the PressReader app on their iOS device. The most popular package is the Personal package that costs about $30 and gives unlimited number of downloads to the user.

You can download the PressReader app from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from the link below. It is available for free.

Download PressReader


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