Report: Apple to add Siri voice assistant to iPad in iOS 6 update

Come this fall, iPad users might have a personal assistant of their own. Blog 9to5Mac reports that according to their trusted sources Apple is going to bring iPhone 4S’s popular Siri feature to the iPad. Siri will be included for the iPad in iOS 6 software update and will function just like it does on the iPhone, minus the tasks that require phone related abilities. With Siri for iPad users will be able to create reminders, send messages, ask for weather report, get answers to their queries from Wolfram Alpha, create notes, and much more.

Apple added Siri’s dictation feature to the iPad in iOS 5.1, but in iOS 6 it is looking to port the entire thing to it’s tablet. Siri experience on iPad would differ from iPhone in only one way; it won’t run in full screen because of iPad’s larger display. As you can see in the mock up picture above by Spencer Caldwell, Siri won’t take the full iPad screen real estate and will show up at a much smaller area.

According to 9to5Mac’s report, Apple is testing the voice assistant on both iPad 2 and the new iPad (iPad 3) but it is not confirmed whether it will release Siri for both generations or keep it exclusive to the newer model only.


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