Any.DO reminder app for iPhone [Review]

There’s no shortage of to-do or reminder apps in the App Store, but finding the one that perfectly fulfills your needs could be frustrating sometimes. Recently a new reminder app for iPhone and iPod touch became available in the App Store called Any.DO. Any.Do is not a new mobile app, as it has already been available for the Android platform and is used by millions of users on daily basis. Here in this post I am going to take an in-depth look on how Any.DO works and what features it brings to the table. Read on for the full review.

Any.DO features a minimalistic design and focuses on making the tasks easily accessible and visible to the user. For me personally, so far the closest any app has come to replacing the stock is Any.DO (will elaborate on this more later). In Any.DO app users can manage their tasks by placing them in separate folders. For example you can keep your work related tasks in one folder and your personal tasks in another.


Any.DO makes managing tasks very simple, not only users can put their uncompleted tasks in folders, but they can also manage them by placing them in today, tomorrow, this week, and later categories. This makes browsing tasks really simple and helps the user in focusing on what’s coming and what’s to come later.

Creating a new task in Any.DO is quite similar to the Clear app. Users can perform a pull-gesture on their screen and start typing the text for their task. After the task has been created, users can set reminder (alarm) or share it with friends Facebook and Twitter.

The app also allows users to set a task on high priority to make it stand out from other tasks. To mark a task as an high priority task, Any.DO shows it in red color instead of black.

In Any.DO app you can also add notes to tasks that allow users to enter extra information related to any work they have to do. This could include the address of a person you want to meet, or the name of the restaurant your friend has invited you to a dinner. Notes are pretty useful in a lot of cases.

Things get interesting when you turn your device in landscape mode when Any.DO app is running, as it shows what you can see in the image above. In the landscape mode, users can easily browse their tasks through the calendar. Not only they can browse the tasks but they can also shift a task to some other date by simple dragging it on that date. Landscape mode also enables users to change the folder of the task by performing simple drag gesture.

A really nice feature, and probably the most important one is the reminder (alarm) feature of Any.DO. Unlike many other apps, Any.DO can remind you of the tasks you have to do right now by sounding alarm and popping up a push notification on your screen. While creating or editing a task, users can easily set reminder of the task and ask the app to remind about a task before 5 minutes, an hours etc.

If you are a Google Chrome users then you are going to love it. Any.DO is accompanied by Chrome browser extension, that automatically syncs with Any.Do app on your iPhone or Android phone and shows the tasks on your desktop or laptop. This is a very nice way to stay connected with your tasks and never miss a deadline.

For those of you who get bored easily, Any.Do offers two color schemes or themes. One is the default white one, and the other is the black one. You can see black one in action in the screenshot above.

In the post above i mentioned that it is the app that came close to replacing Reminders app for me on iOS but didn’t replaced it completely. Here’s why: Official Reminder app of iOS 5 allows users to repeat a reminder every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, and even every year. This feature is absent from Any.DO. Ofcourse Any.DO is a to-do app and not a full fledge reminder app, it cannot be used for tasks that i have to perform on daily basis, for example eating my medicine etc. It’s not a deal breaker for me but if we could have that feature in the coming updates that would be great.

Final Verdict


Any.DO is an awesome app that has killer features needed for an app to become the best. If it is not the best reminder app out there, it is certainly among the top 5, or even top 3 reminder or to-do apps available in the App Store. Unfortunately Any.DO is not optimzed for iPad’s larger screen, that is a big drawback of this app. But as it has recently become available in the App Store, we hope to see an update bringing all important support for iPad users. If you are looking for an app that can help you in performing your daily tasks, don’t forget to give Any.DO app a try as it is available for free, and is simply awesome.

You can download Any.Do app for iPhone and iPod touch for free from the App Store.

Download Any.DO


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