iOS 6′s App Store: Everything you need to know

In iOS 6 has Apple introduced a shinny new App Store app that features design and user-interface that is totally different from what we have had since 2008, when it was launched for the first time. The new App Store app is made up of silver chrome color and displays apps and related information in a much smarter way than before. Apple has also changed the app’s description page, and has brought some changes that make using the App Store app and viewing app’s full description a delight. The app could be slow at times, but that’s expected as we are using the beta version of the software and it is definitely going to improve when it becomes public later this year. Read on for complete overview of the new App Store app in iOS 6.

The new featured page

The ‘featured’ page of the app that displays new and popular apps no more lists the apps in the old-fashioned list view, and now shows scrollable bars that users can navigate through by swiping their fingers right to left. Users can also tap on the ‘See All’ link and view all the apps of a category in a list view.

The App Description Page

Apple has redesigned the app desrcription page from ground up, and has made it so users can conveniently know about the app before purchasing. The screenshots, thankfully are now shown at the top of the page instead of bottom. Unlike before App Store in iOS 6 does not shows the whole textual description of the app, instead it shows a ‘More’ link that when tapped shows up the whole desciption of the app.

Apple has also changed the way user reviews are shown on the description page, and now there’s a button at the top of the page that says ‘Reviews’, when a user taps on that button a new page is opened and all user reviews and shown there. This is a much easier way to read app reviews by other users and know about the app before downloading.

The new description page also features a ‘Related’ button that is shown at the top of the page, this page show related applications. How this works is pretty simple, if you are viewing the official Twitter app, then the related page will show apps related to the Twitter app, for example Tweetbot, Ofsoora, and others. The related page also shows other apps by the same developer.

Other small but useful features included in the new App Store app

The new App Store app does not closes when you download an app, in older version of App Store when a user presses on the download button, the app used to close and take the user to the home screen, but that does not happens any more in iOS 6.

In iOS 6 whenever a new app is downloaded, it displays a band at the top right of it’s icon that says ‘New’. The band dissappears when the app is launched for the first time.

Apple has also included some cool sharing options in iOS 6′ App Store. Now users can share the iTunes link of the app via Mail, Twitter, iMessage, Facebook, or copy the link from with in the iOS application. The sharing options are shown in the form of icons, which is also new feature brought by iOS 6.

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