Track your spendings abroad with Simply Declare app for iOS [Review]

We all know how difficult it is to to keep track of expenditures, especially when you are travelling abroad to a country that has different currency than yours. For this Simply Declare is a superb application for iOS devices, that not only makes it easier to keep track of expenditures but also allows travelers to set a home currency and check how much an item costs in their home currency. Simply Declare helps users in keeping track of the items they have purchased on a trip and even subtracts the cost of it from the total budget of the trip automatically.

First of all when starting a new trip, the app asks a user about how many travelers are going on the trip and what’s the budget of the trip i.e amount of money allowed per traveler. Here users can set their home currency so that the app can convert the price of a purchased item and tell the user how much it actually costs.

On the items page, users can add a new item and enter specific details about it including the date it was purchased on, the name of the item, amount spent on it, and they can even take a photo of the receipt if they don’t want to keep in handy.

As you can see in the second screenshot above, the new item page has a row called ‘Home Amount’, this row converts the price of the item into the home currency of the users regardless of the foreign currency it was bought in.

All the items that have been added appear on the items page with their name, amount in the currency they were purchased in and the amount in user’s home currency. Users can share this list with their friends by simply tapping on the send list by email button. Simply Declare supports a wide range of international currencies including British Pound, Australian Dollar, Euro, Singapore Dollar, and others.

Simply Declare is a very useful app for travelers and is highly recommended for those who want to track their expenditures abroad. Simply Declare is a universal app and is available in the App Store for $1.99.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, however the views expressed in this post are totally unbiased and based on real observations.

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