The new iPhone’s 19-pin mini connector confirmed

TechCrunch reports that it has confirmed independently that Apple’s next generation iPhone, that is usually dubbed as the new iPhone will feature a 19-pin mini connector instead of the usual 30-pin connector found on today’s iOS devices. The new port according to TechCrunch will be similar in size to the Macbook’s Thunderbolt port but according to independent manufacturers the pin-out will be different. 

If this report turns out to be true, then it will be a major set back for accessory makers as all current accessories are made by keeping 30-pin connector in mind. For Apple it seems like a logical move to turn to 19-pin connector to save space inside it’s devices though 30-pin connector has served it well and has been there since the days of the third generation iPod, it’s clearly the time to move on.

[TechCrunch / Img Credit: Martin Hajek]

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