a-Jays two earphones for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch [review]

The most important accessory for any iOS device user is definitely the earphones, that keep users entertained by enabling them to listen to their favorite music, watch movies, listen to the sound effects produced by games etc. Unfortunately the earphones that come with Apple devices do not provide the sound quality you would want from your earphones. Due to this you have to buy new third party earphones from the market in order to fulfill your musical needs. There are several  earphones available in the market that support iOS devices thanks to their built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. In this post we are going to review a-Jays two earphones and determine if they are good enough for your iOS device, and whether you should buy them or not. Read on for our full review of a-Jays two earphones for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Sound quality

 ”Fortunately a-Jays two provide great sound quality that is loud, clear, and relaxing.”

The most important aspect which could and should be the deal breaker when it comes to the earphones is the sound quality. For what good are earphones if they do not give the sound quality that users want. Fortunately a-Jays two provide great sound quality that is loud, clear, and relaxing. In fact during my tests a-Jays two were so loud that i could never listen music with them with my volume set to over 70 percent. The good thing about the a-Jays two is that unlike many other earphones of their class the sound quality is not compromised despite the high volume.

Though the overall sound quality coming out of a-Jays two is great and the earphones provide a good amount of treble to the listener, the bass delivered by these earphones is not of great quality. For those of you who like to enjoy bass at it’s highest level will be disappointed with a-Jays two’s performance, but if you are like me and just like moderate amount of bass in your songs, the a-Jays two will be perfect for you.



The most advertised feature of a-Jays two earphones is it’s tangle free cord. a-Jays two features a wide cord that is indeed tangle free and much more easier to use and manage. With these earphones you won’t have to straighten the cord of your earphone every time you take it out of your pockey ever again. a-Jays two has earbuds instead of traditional earphone design found on stock earphones that come with iOS devices. This design not only keeps a-Jays two steady in the ear while running or doing work, but it also makes the sound coming out of the earphones feel louder to the listener.

Though the overall design of a-Jays two is good, the earbuds could feel little annoying when used for a long time. I found it painful to wear a-Jays two earphones for more than 30-40 minutes and had to readjust the position every now and then. a-Jays two comes with 5 different sizes of sleeves ranging from XXS to L but i found the same problem in all of them regardless of their size and fitness differences.

a-Jays two features a 45-inch cord that is long enough for anyone to keep the device in pocket while walking or doing any other task. The tangle free cord is durable and does not bends even in worst conditions.

The plug that goes into the iPhone or iPad is L-Shaped. This unique design prevents bending and makes it easier for users to hold their iPhone, as they can turn the direction of the plug on the opposite side of their fingers. This helps a lot when playing a game or watching a movie on iPhone or iPod touch, though it does not makes much difference when used with the iPad.



a-Jays two features a 3.5mm headphone plug, that makes it compatible with a wide range of devices. As all iOS devices, iPods, and even Macbooks feature a 3.5mm jack, a-Jays two will be compatible with all of your Apple gadgets including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



What’s in the box

a-Jays two comes in a beautiful box that houses the earphones and useful accessories that come with it. The box of a-Jays two has following items packed inside it.

  • a-Jays two earphones
  • 4 extra sleeves XXS to L
  • Stereo splitter
  • Flight adapter
  • Manual

Pros and Cons



  • Tangle free cord
  • Clear and loud sound with great trebal quality
  • Great sound quality
  • L-shaped plug
  • Affordable


  • Low quality bass
  • Faulty earbuds design
  • No volume or pause/play controls

Pricing and availability


a-Jays two earphones are available for $59.99 online. We recommend buying from MobileFun who are selling it for £34.99 here. You can also check the full range of iPhone, iPad accessories, and other iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad headphones from MobileFun.

Final Verdict


If you are looking for a nice and affordable earphone for your iOS device, and can compromise on the bass a little bit than a-Jays two speaker are great to have. I have been using them for over a month and haven’t found any problem with them. If you ask me, i would recommend a-Jays two for your iOS device.

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