The Amazing Spider-Man game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad now available in the App Store

The Amazing Spider-Man game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is now available in the App Store for download. The official game has been made by popular mobile game maker Gameloft and is inspired by the upcoming Marvel movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.  The game is based in New York City just like the movie and allows users to move around the city and discover it freely. In The Amazing Spider-Man game for iOS, users will be able to play through the story line of the movie and battle against the Lizard and rival gangs to save the city. 

The Amazing Spider-Man game is a 694MB download and runs on iPhone 4 or above, iPad 2 or above, and iPod touch 4th generation.

• Fight the Lizard and his minions to put a stop to his dark schemes.
• Play the Amazing Spider-Man through more than 25 immersive missions inspired by the upcoming movie’s storyline.
• Climb, jump and web-sling from building to building for an aerial thrill like never before!

• Explore the city through its five distinctive districts (Central Park, Business, Downtown, Pier and Residential)
• An exciting and enjoyable fighting system with melee, ranged, combo attacks and much more
• A wide selection of upgrades to customize your style, attacks and skills

• Explore an open-world Manhattan, teeming with action. Discover random missions, collectibles and more secrets in the City that Never Sleeps!
• Fight in a fully 3D New York City with cutting-edge graphics.
• Advanced shaders and visual effects make Spider-Man more realistic than ever before!

You can download The Amazing Spider-Man game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from the link below. It costs $6.99.

Download The Amazing Spider-Man


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