Apple looking to improve iOS’s autocorrect feature by detecting typing speed and user’s intent

According to a patent application filed by Apple in late 2010, the company is working on a new way to improve iOS’s autocorrect feature by detecting the keystroke geometry and timing to judge user’s intended input. This will improve the autocorrect feature and make it much more efficient than it is today. The names of Douglas Davidson and Karan Misra are listed as the inventors of the patent in Apple’s application.

Here’s how this will work

“For example, if the string “theere” is entered and the time between the keystrokes “ee” is less than an associated baseline by more than a threshold amount, the replacement candidate “there” may be assigned a higher score,”.

Not only the new system will judge on the time taken to enter a word by a user, it will also take into account the location of the letter being pressed on the keyboard and the geometry of the words to catch mistakes made by the typist. Here’s another excerpt from the patent application

“For example, a word that is similar to the typed text except for one or more errors associated potentially with keyboard geometry, such as differing by a letter where the correct letter is located adjacent to the typed incorrect letter on the keyboard, may be suggested,”


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