iCloud beta site with new Notes, Calendar, Reminders, and Find my iPhone web apps goes live

The previously leaked and later pulled iCloud beta site has finally gone live for developers. The new site that should go live for everyone with the release of iOS 6 features new web apps for Notes and Reminders. The Find My iPhone and Calendar web apps have also been updated to add new features and tweaked interfaces. The new site will allow users to easily access the reminders and notes they have created using the web application, even when they don’t have their iOS devices. The fact that Apple has added the Notes and Reminders app to OS X in latest Mountain Lion version that will be released soon makes these new iCloud web apps even more useful. Now users will be able to access their stuff data and edit it from their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or the web.

Notes app


The notes app as you can see in the image above looks similar to iOS’s notes.app and a lot like the OS X Mountain Lion’s notes app. Users can create, edit, delete, and email notes using the new iCloud site. The changes made to notes on the web will reflect on all connected devices automatically.

Reminders app


Second new web app that Apple has added to it’s iCloud site is Reminders app. Apple released Reminders app along with iOS 5 last year. It has also included a Reminders app in Mountain Lion update for Macs so it is a logical step to add Reminders in iCloud so users could view, edit, and create new Reminders from the web. Using the web app users can also set an alarm for the reminder, set it’s priority and add a note to it. Just like the notes, reminders are also synced to all connected devices automatically.

Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone has been part of iCloud’s web site since it was first launched, but this time Apple has tweaked the design of the web app and has added a nice little feature that shows how much battery is left on the device. This feature is very useful as it notifies a user how much more time he or she has to find the device before it turns off.

At WWDC 2012 event Apple announced that in just over one year iCloud has 125 million users world wide. This alone explains how important iCloud is for Apple and why it is continually making it more advance and useful for it’s users.

If you are a registered developer then you can visit http://beta.icloud.com to use the new web apps. The new iCloud site will most probably go live when iOS 6 is released to public in the fall.

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