Blackberry OS 10 like Octopus keyboard hits Cydia. Download Now!

If not anything else, i really like the new keyboard concept that RIM has implemented in it’s upcoming BlackBerry OS 10. The same keyboard has been released for iOS as a jailbreak tweak and is now available for download. The tweak is called Octopus Keyboard and gives users the same experience found on the new keyboard of BB OS 10. How this works is, as you type the word suggestions start to appear on the keyboard. If any word matches to what you were about to type, then simply hold the word and throw it on the text field by performing a slide gesture.

Octopus keyboard as reported by iDB, automatically learns new words as you type and supports and wide range of languages including English, French, Czech, Russian, etc.

Octopus Keyboard tweak brings a nice implementiation of BB OS 10′s keyboard to iOS, even before RIM has released it’s operating system. If you like the concept then it is a must download.

To download Octopus Keyboard to your iOS device simply add repo to your sources.

The license for Octopus Keyboard costs $4.99 and can be purchased from within the app. It allows users to add upto 2 different devices every month.

If you don’t want to spend the money without testing the tweak, then you can wait as the developer plans to release a demo version in Cydia soon.


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