In June: 65 percent of mobile web traffic came from iOS, Only 20 percent from Android

NetMarketShare has released a new study about the mobile internet usage for the month on June, 2012. Their study is pretty interesting as it reveals how much traffic came from certain mobile platforms in the month June. According to the study iOS has continued it’s domination over the web usage share and got 65 percent of the total marketshare, that is 3 percent up from last time and a whooping 15 percent up from last year. On the other hand, Android that is another major mobile platform with significant mobile market share only contributed 20 percent web traffic in the month of June.

Relatively smaller platforms like Java ME devices contributed 10.22 percent web traffics, while Blackberry and Symbian devices contributed 1.87 and 1.49 percent respectively.

From May to June iOS’s internet usage marketshare grew around 3 percent, whereas Android’s share only saw 0.40 percent increase.

What makes this particular study interesting is that iOS’s web share is significantly higher than that of Android despite the fact that Android is leading in total number of devices sold and has a greater market share when it comes to OS marketshare.


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