Report: 7-inch Apple iPad with 1024×768 resolution coming in October

In a recent report Bloomberg writes that according to people with knowledge on this matter, the new Apple iPad with 7-inches to 8-inches screen will be released in the month of October. Interestingly this new model of iPad, that will feature a smaller screen will carry a screen resolution of 1024×768 just like iPad 2. The new device won’t feature Apple’s Retina Display found on the new third generation iPad, not in it’s first iteration. The new iPad mini, as it is dubbed will be priced at around $199 to $299. This new device will be a competitor’s nightmare according to analyst Wu, who clearly thinks that ball is in Apple’s court.

Though the rumors of iPad mini have been around since it was first launched back in 2010, it is becoming more and more crucial for Apple to introduce such device as Google has already unleashed a 7-inch Android powered tablet called the Nexus 7, with powerful specs and affordable price of $199.

[Bloomberg/img: iMore]

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