Corrupt binaries from App Store causing some recently updated apps to crash upon launch

According to several reports including one from the creator of popular reading app Instapaper, some iOS apps are crashing on launch after they have been updated from the App Store. The crashing issue of these apps is said to be due to corrupt binaries that are being downloaded from App Store when a user downloads an update to these affected apps. Due to the fact that Apple has approved the update and that it has been widely tested by developers before submitting to the App Store for review, the problem is of course from the App Store’s side and not with the app itself. Marco Arment on his blog reported that when he contacted Apple about the issue of his app’s crashing, the problem was resolved from Apple’s end without him receiving any feedback or comment back from the company.

The problem as it seems is not limited to iOS App Store only, there are reports regarding Mac apps crashing as well after getting updated from the Mac App Store.

TNW has published a list of apps that are reportedly affected right now, that include

  • Goodreader
  • Readdle Scanner Pro
  • Threadnote
  • Please Stay Calm
  • SMARTReporter (Mac)
  • Metronome+
  • PDX Bus, Pair
  • Angry Birds Space HD Free
  • Gaia GPS
  • Redshift
  • Flick Soccer
  • The Early Edition [which is advising users not to upgrade to the latest version]
  • iBike Moto
  • Please Stay Calm
  • Pinball Maniacs
  • Stack the States
  • Threadnote
  • Checkout Helper
  • Metronome+
  • Phoster
  • Melodies Pro
  • MoPho
  • SMARTReporter (Mac)
  • PDX Bus
  • CommBank Kaching
  • CincyMobile
  • The Magic of Reality
  • Dolphin HS Browser


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