Add a second row and brightness slider to iOS’s App Switcher with MultiStorey jailbreak tweak

MultiStorey is a new Cydia tweak for jailbroken devices that adds a second row to iOS’s app switcher, making app switching and closing a lot more easier. MultiStorey tweak doubles the real estate of the app switcher and shows 8 icons of running currently running apps instead of just 4. The tweak is fully compatible with iPad and displays 12 app icons instead of usual 6 in the app switcher. There are no settings to configure and MultiStorey adds no icons to the home screen. Find out more after the break.

Other then adding space for more icons, MultiStorey has a nice little feature that makes it even more useful. MultiStorey adds brightness slider to the app switcher that makes it convenient for users to easily increase or decrease the brightness of their device without even opening the On iPad the brightness slider appears next to the volume slider on the music controls page of the app switcher. On iPhone or iPod touch MultiStorey converts the glyph of the volume slider into a toggle switch. When a user taps on the volume glyph found on the App Switcher’s music controls page, the volume slider is converted into brightness slider and allows users to change the brightness of their device.

MultiStorey Tweak is available in Cydia for free under ModMyi repo.

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