30 Must have Cydia tweaks of 2012 for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch [The ultimate list]

There are hundreds or probably thousands of tweaks available in Cydia that help in customizing iOS, making it more powerful and useful as a platform. iOS is good as it is, but if you really want to take full advantage of it and use it to it’s full potential, you gotta jailbreak and install the tweaks we are mentioning in this post. We have gathered 30 tweaks that are not only available in Cydia, but are also compatible with the latest iOS 5.1.1 version. So if you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and you are in a mood of trying something new out, better read our ultimate list of Cydia tweaks for your device.

Zephyr (Universal, $4.99)

Topping the randomly arranged list is Zephyr. What it does is pretty simple, it kills the need of pressing the home button to get to the home screen and pressing it twice to bring out the App Switcher. Users’s can simply get to the home screen by swiping their finger from bottom of their screen to the top. To launch the App Switcher tray, users can swipe up from bottom of their screen and hold it for a second or two depending on the senstivity they have choosen from settings.app. Zephyr supports both portrait and landscape modes and is compatible with all iOS devices including the iPad.

Another feature Zephyr makes it even more useful. Zephyr also allows users to switch between the running apps by swiping their finger from left of the screen towards the right side and vice versa.

NCSettings (Universal, free)

NCSettings is a notification center widget for iOS 5 devices. It features shortcuts for turning on/off WiFi, bluetooth, orientation lock, autolock, private browsing,  airplane mode and more. Users can also increase or decrease the brightness and volume of their device. NCSettings also allows users to respiring, restart, or turn off their iOS device.

Winterboard (Universal, free)

Winterboard is an ultimate theme platform for jailbroken iOS device made by Saurik, who is the creator of Cydia himself. Winterboard allows users to install themes and other visual customization downloaded from Cydia from one place. So if you want to give the home screen of your iOS device a new look and also want to tweak the look of it’s overall UI, Winterboard is a must have.

Activator (Universal, free)

Activator allows users to assign actions to certain shortcuts and manage them from one place. Activator is required by many other tweaks that require gesture based actions. Using Activator users can assign button and gesture actions to different shortcuts on their iOS device.

SwipeSelection (Universal, free)


SwipeSelection tweak brings a new way to edit text on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Unlike iOS’s stock way, SwipeSelection allows users to move the text cursor around by swiping their finger on the keyboard. To make the cursor go faster, users can swipe with two fingers instead of one.

Clockify (iPhone and iPod touch, $1)

Clockify adds a live clock icon by replacing the idle stock icon of Clock.app. With Clockify installed, Clock.app’s icon not only shows the current time but also displays animation for the movment of clock’s arms. Clockify not only adds a live icon to the home screen but also adds an analog clock on the lock screen and a clock widget with analog clock in the Notification Center.

PasswordPilot (Universal, free)

PasswordPilot remembers your App Store password so you don’t have to enter it again and again before downloading an app from the App Store, as it inserts the password automatically. PasswordPilot is a must have app if you often download new apps and hate entering your password every time. Installing PasswordPilot could be risky though, as anyone could purchase an app from the App Store without your consent because there’s no need of entering the password to download or purchase and app with PasswordPilot installed.

IntelliScreenX (Universal, $9.99)

The notification center introduced in iOS 5 is useful, but to make it super useful developers have made a tweak called IntelliScreenX. IntelliScreenX adds more power and functionality to your notification center and makes it easier to customize the widgets and adds more usefulness to them. IntelliScreenX adds your full Twitter feed, Facebook feed, and feeds from your favorite RSS sources on your notifications center. IntelliScreenX is also accessible from the lockscreen of iOS unlike stock iOS 5 notifications center.

Dashboard X (Universal, free)

Dashboard X brings notification center like widgets to the home screen and also adds a dashboard page that can be accessed by performing an activator action. Dashboard X supports all available NC widgets and also brings some of it’s own.

SpotDict (iPhone and iPod touch, free)

iOS 5 features a built-in dictionary that strangely, cannot be used to check randon words. That’s where SpotDict tweak comes in. When installed SpotDict adds a button right next to the search field on the spotlight search page. Users can enter the word they want to check meaning of and tap on the SpotDict button to get it’s definition.

Quasar (iPad only, $9.99)

Quasar tweak adds window based multitasking (the one found on OS X and Windows) to iPad. It allows applications to share the screen and also run and process simultaneously. Users can bring any app to front and take any app to the background with a single tap. When Qausar is installed on your iPad, the apps will open in a window state instead of full screen, users can move it to any place on their iPad by simply holding the bottom bar and dragging it on the the screen.

Safari Download Manager (Universal, $5)

Safari Download Manager or SDM recently received a major update that made it completely compatible with jailbroken devices running iOS 5.0 or above. Previously Safari Download Manager was only compatible with devices running iOS 4. Safari Download Manager adds a powerful downloader to mobile Safari that allows users to download files from webpages to the filesystem of their iOS devices. There’s no limit on downloading files, users can download multiple time at one time and save them on their devices.

iFile (Universal, $4)

iFile is a file manager for jailbroken iOS devices that allows users to view files running under user root. It gives users advanced management and customization of files on their iOS device. With iFile users can view different file types including images, videos, sound, text, HTML, PDFs and many others. It also allows users to copy, paste, rename or move files.

Unfold  (iPhone and iPod touch, free)

Unfold tweak replaces iOS’s ‘Slide to Unlock’ button from the lock screen and adds a ‘fold to unlock’ arrow. When a user tries to unlock it’s iPhone or iPod touch the tweak displays a nice folding animation on the screen that makes it look like a page is folding on the screen.

Springtomize 2 (Universal, $2.99)

Springtomize 2 is an ultimate customization tweak for your device’s springboard. It not only allows users to customize the look and feel of their device, but also brings features that would usually require users to install different tweaks. Springtomize 2 allow users to customize icons, app switcher, dock, lockscreen, homescreen, animations, and more.

MultiStorey (Universal, free)

MultiStorey is a new Cydia tweak for jailbroken devices that adds a second row to iOS’s app switcher, making app switching and closing a lot more easier. MultiStorey tweak doubles the real estate of the app switcher and shows 8 icons of running currently running apps instead of just 4. The tweak is fully compatible with iPad and displays 12 app icons instead of usual 6 in the app switcher. There are no settings to configure and MultiStorey adds no icons to the home screen. It also adds a brightness slider to increase or decrease the brightness of the device.

FoldMusic (Universal, $1.50)

FoldMusic is a new Cydia tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that allows users to control their favorite music right from the home screen of their devices. What FoldMusic does is, it places a music folder on your home screen that keeps all the tracks from any of the album or from the playlist you have created in your Music.app at your fingertips. Users can simply tap on the icon of the folder and then on the song they want to listen to. A new music folder can be created by going into settings.app of the device. Users can either choose an album to appear in the folder or they could choose one of the playlists they have created out of their favorite music tracks.

Other very useful tweaks