Spike protective case wants to add a physical keyboard to your iPhone [KickStarter project]

One thing is for sure, Apple is never going to add a physical keyboard on iPhone or any other of its iOS device. If you are the one who has been wanting a physical keyboard on an iPhone, let me assure you that it is not going to happen. But if you can could do with a third-party solution then i have got a good news for you. Spike is an upcoming iPhone protective case series that not only protects your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S but also adds a physical keyboard to the device. Spike has been designed by SoloMatrix and has three different models. The project is still in its initial stages and requires funding of at least $75,000 at KickStarter.

As i have mentioned there are three different versions of Spike, Spike 1′s keyboard rotates towards the back of the device whereas Spike 2′s keyboard can be folded and stowed in a flush pocket located at the back of the case. Another model is called Spike 3, which is a limited edition version of Spike and is very similar to Spike 2, the difference is that it is made of all-aluminum.

The keyboard found on Spike cases looks like it has came out from RIM’s manufacturing plant, as it looks identical to the keyboard found on some BlackBerry devices.

So if you were counting on Apple to add a physical keyboard to iPhone, and have been disappointed from the company so far, Spike protective case seems like a good choice. If you want to be one of the first customers who will get this new case, then pledge some bucks to the project here.

You can get Spike 1 case by pledging $25, and Spike 2 if you pledge $50 to the project. If the project gets to its target of $75,000 in just over a month, the case will be delivered to you in 90 days after the work on the project is started.


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