Get Windows 8 like Metro UI on your iPhone or iPod touch with Metroon Dreamboard theme

iOS jailbreakers always have more fun and things to do then those who like to keep their device in it’s stock state. A new theme for jailbroken iOS devices called ‘Metroon’ runs in DreamBoard application and brings Windows 8 like metro UI to iPhone or iPod touch. The theme is so functional that it is good enough to fool anyone, you can fool your friends by telling them that you are running actual Windows 8 on your mobile device. The interface of the theme is not a dummy interface and allows users to move tiles and arrange them according to their liking. The theme also features a standard app list page that has all the installed apps listed in columns.

Though Metroon is fully functional, it does not features Metro UI for the apps, including the stock ones. Whenever a users opens an app, he or she see’s the normal interface of the app. The app switcher also stays unchanged.

Just like other dreamboard themes, Metroon is a fun way to fool friends and enjoy the taste of Metro UI on an iOS device.

To download Metroon on your iPhone or iPod touch make sure you have DreamBoard installed (available for free in Cydia). Metroon theme can be downloaded from Cydia for $1.50. It is available under ModMyi repo.


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