Tiny Wings HD for iPad starts hitting the App Stores around the world

Andreas Illiger, who is the sole developer of the popular Tiny Wings game has released the iPad version of his game and it has started to become available in certain international App Stores. The iPad version is called Tiny Wings HD and features dedicated support for iPad, including support for the Retina Display screen of the new third generation iPad. Along with native support for the iPad, Tiny Wings HD features Multiplayer support that allows multiple users to play the game on a single iPad.

Tiny Wings HD has all the new features that will be added to the iPhone version of the game (though i am doubtful about the multiplayer feature on iPhone version) that is also scheduled to hit the App Store later today. Andreas Illiger has added three new game modes to Tiny Wings including Day Trip, Flight School, and Hill Party. The game also gives choice to users to play as the ‘mama’ bird or one of her four children.

Among other features, Tiny Wings HD features support for iCloud. That means users will be able to sync their games between iPhone and iPad versions of the game.

Tiny Wings HD will be available in the App Store for $2.99, it costs $4.19 in New Zealand’s App Store.

Here’s a download link for Tiny Wings HD, that is currently only available in the NZ App Store. We will let you know as soon as it becomes available in the US and other international App Stores so stay tuned.

Update: Tiny Wings 2.0 update for iPhone and iPod touch is also available in the App Store for download.

Download Tiny Wings HD


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