Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises to hit the App Store on July 20th [trailer]

Highly anticipated game The Dark Knight Rise by Gameloft will hit the App Store on July 20th. The game is based on the upcoming Batman movie and features missions, characters, and places that are similar to the original movie in a lot of ways. The two trailers have already revealed that the game will feature console level graphics on mobile devices, and are good enough to please any Batman fan. The game will involve usual fighting in random events like jailbreaks, car chases and hostage situations, something you would expect from a Batman game in the city of Gotham.

Here’s an excerpt from PocketGamer explaining the gameplay of The Dark Knight Rises game

Featuring dozens of missions and random events like jail breaks, car chases, and hostage situations, The Dark Knight Rises aims to completely immerse its players in Gotham City.

As players navigate Batman through the levels of the game, they will need to master a complex and cinematic combat system in addition to the Dark Knight’s customary gadget goody bag.

When the time for punches and Batarang tossing has passed, players will also have the chance to drive the Batpod across the streets of Gotham or take to its skies in The Bat.

No details about pricing or compatibility have been announced yet. We will let you know as soon as game is available for download.

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