Games to play this weekend: Amazing Alex and Tiny Wings [July 14th]

Today i am thrilled to introduce the new ‘Games to play this weekend’ series on ThinkiOS. From now on we will be sharing the games that we will be playing that weekend every week. This could include new games released in that particular week, or even the one’s that received major updates in the App Store. Not only that, but we would also love to hear your favorite games, and what you will be playing on your iOS device in the weekend. So don’t forget to tell us what are the games you are playing on your iOS device, we would love to know your choice. This week’s interesting games that we think we would be playing most in our free time are Rovio’s Amazing Alex, and Tiny Wings 2.0. Read on to know why we have chosen these two.

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex is a fun puzzle game by Rovio that lives up to the legacy of Angry Birds and delivers a gameplay that is surely going to keep players entertained for hours. The puzzles Amazing Alex offers are truly amazing as they are based on the same physics precision Rovio’s games are famous for. There are around 100 levels to complete, that I am sure will be enough for me for this weekend.

If you too want to play Amazing Alex this weekend, but haven’t downloaded it yet, you can grab it for $0.99 here.

Tiny Wings 2.0 and Tiny Wings HD (iPad)

When everyone was expecting a sequel to the original Tiny Wings game to be released separately in the App Store, Andreas Illiger surprised his fans by releasing a free update to his popular game. Tiny Wings 2.0 features new game and a flight school mode that allows users to race to the finish with their bird siblings to earn a better fish.

On the other hand Andreas Illiger finally released a new version of Tiny Wings that was specifically designed for the iPad. It features Retina Display quality graphics and a multiplayer mode that allows users to play head to head with one of their friends on a single iPad.

You can grab Tiny Wings 2.0 for iPhone/iPod touch for $0.99 here. And Tiny Wings HD for $2.99 here.

Other game we are likely going to play/try this weekend:

  • Tap Tap Revenge Tour [free, link]
  • Pocket Heroes [$0.99, link]
  • GoNinja [free, link]

Are you going to play the games mentioned above, or do you have any other favorites that you would be playing this weekend. Let us know in the comments below.

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