How to use your favorite music as alarm tone on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch [jailbreak tip]

Many people like to choose everything themselves, and this include choosing the alarm tone they would wake up listening in the morning. Unfortuantely iOS by default does not allow users to choose any song or track of their choice and restricts them to choose from the tones that come with their iPhone or iPad pre-installed. But if you are jailbroken, this problem could be solved by performing a few steps. Read on to know how to set your favorite song as alarm tone on an iOS device.

All you need to do is do download a free Cydia tweak. You will only be able to download this tweak if your device is jailbroken. To download open Cydia and search for ‘MyAlarm’.

Install the MyAlarm tweak, it is available for free in Cydia and features support for up to iOS version 5.1.1. Once the tweak has been installed, open and go to the My Alarm settings. From their choose a song from your music library and then tap on ‘Set Song as Alarm’ button. Your device will respiring, and now the song of your choice will be set as your alarm tone.

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