WSJ: Apple to use in-cell technology to make iPhone’s screen thinner

In it’s report about Apple’s next iPhone WSJ says that Apple is going to replace the current technology used in iPhone’s screen in favor of a new in-cell technology that will make the screen thinner than the current model.  According to the report the mass production of these display units for the next iPhone has already started, and they are now being produced by three seperate manufacturers that include Sharp Corp., Japan Display Inc., and LG Display Co.

The new in-cell technology integrates the touch sensor of the device into the LCD, eliminating the need of putting a touch screen layer for it. According to a DisplaySearch analyst, the removal of this layer will make the screen 1/2 millimeter thinner, and will also improve the quality of displayed images. The new screen will also eventually help in making the next iPhone slimmer.

Other than the technology factor, this new in-cell screen will also cut production costs for Apple, as the company will no longer need to buy LCD and touch panels separately.

This is not the first time we are hearing about Apple using in-cell technology in it’s next iPhone. Back in April DigiTimes also reported about the possibility that Apple could use in-cell touch panels in it’s upcoming iPhone.

The next iPhone is expected to get announced in October with a larger screen, better processor, slimmer design, 4G network support, and much more.


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