Apple wins a major patent related to iOS’s Graphical User Interface

PatentlyApple reports that today Apple has been granted a major patent related to iPhone’s GUI for displaying electronic lists and documents. Along with this particular patent, the company has been granted a total of twenty five different patents today. The patent covers UI modules that cover email, telephone, camera, video player, browser, calendar, blogging, widgets, search, notes, and maps. This patent even covers iPhone’s ability to run multiple programs, it’s on-screen keyboard, and more.

The granting of this patent reflects how Apple single handedly changed the way users view documents and interact with their mobile devices.

This patent that Apple has been granted today was filed in Q1 of 2007. Apple credits Scott Forstall, Henri Lamiraux, Andrew Platzer, Michael Matas and Imran Chaudhri as inventors of this patent.

This patent alone seems like a weapon of mass destruction, and it is now in the hands on Apple. Will the boys in Cupertino take advantage of it in their ongoing battle with Google and it’s allies? Well we will have to wait to find that out.

You can read about this patent in full and also find links to other patents Apple has been granted on PatentlyApple’s website here.

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