Study: Chrome browser grabs 1.5% share of total iOS web traffic

Google released Chrome browser at the end of last month, and it took only few hours for it to reach the no.1 spot on the App Store. Now according to statistics released by ad network Chitika, Chrome has already acquired 1.5% of total iOS web traffic. Other than this Chitika also offers some intersting insights about how iOS users browse the internet. According to their report 14.5% iOS users browse the web without mobile Safari. Although it is a significant number, it does not mean that they are using third-party web browsers for the purpose as this also includes apps such as Facebook and Twitter that open the webpage inside them without the need of going to Safari.

As Chitika is an ad firm, the data it has presented is based on the impressions from US and Canada on it’s ads on different websites. As you may know, Chitika is not as popular as Google’s Adsense among publishers so the data they have presented represents a fraction of the whole story.

Along with these statistics, Chitika has launched a dedicated tool that allows users to monitor the use of Chrome for iOS in real time. You can see that here.


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