Share your current location while on the go with Twist app for iOS

Twist is a new app for iOS devices that makes it easier for users to share their current location with certain people while they are on the go. What Twist does is pretty interesting, it notifies the person you are going to meet about the time it would take you to reach the destination. Twist uses device’s GPS chip to periodically determine the current location of the person, then it calculates how much time is required to reach the specified destination, and shares the ETA with people he or she has chosen via SMS or push notification (if both users are using Twist).

Twist also alerts users about a Calendar event they have created, and even tells when to leave. User can view all the photos you have posted at any particular place or on your Twist profile. Twist also allows users to share their ‘Twist’ with friends on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Twist app is really useful for situations in which you have to meet someone and they have already arrived at the meeting place, or both of you are on your way towards the place where meeting is going to take place.

Currently Twist is available to US users only, but the developer of this app has promised to make Twist available worldwide soon.

Twist app for iPhone is available in the App Store for free.