UK court order: Apple should say in public Samsung didn’t copy iPad

After embarrassing Samsung in the US by making courts ban Galaxy Nexus sales in the country, Apple is now having a bizarre and embarrassing moment of it’s own in the U.K. According to Bloomberg, in an order a U.K. court has said that Apple should publish a notice for public in British newspapers and magazines telling them that Samsung didn’t copy iPad. The notice should outline the court’s decision regarding Galaxy tabs not infrigining Apple’s patent it made on July 9, 2012. Along with an ad in leading newspapers and magazine, Apple should also post this note on it’s official website for the U.K. for a period of six months.

In simple words Apple will have to publish an ad for Samsung, saying that it’s Galaxy tablets do not copy it’s widely popular iPad. According to the decision, Apple has caused commericial harm to Samsung by openly saying that it is copying it’s iOS products.

Of course, Apple won’t apologies to Samsung by publishing an ad for it’s tablet without going into a legal fight. Apple’s lawyer has already said that his company will appeal against the July 9 decision and this order in the same court.

Apple and Samsung are in legal fights in many parts of the world over software and design patents. Both companies are in a legal fight with each other in Australia, U.K., Germany, the Netherlands and in the U.S.


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