Newly granted patent confirms smaller port for future iOS devices

Apple Inc. was granted a new patent recently that covers the design of a smaller dock connector for future iOS devices, that will allow users to charge their devices as well as transfer data to it using computers. The patent as revealed by MacWorld is titled Power Adaptors for Powering And/Or Charging Peripheral Devices. The patent No. for this particular patent is 8222773. As you can see in the image above, which has been taken from the patent, the new port will be significantly smaller than the current port found on iOS devices. This new port looks quite similar to original Fireware 400 connection. The port will be rectangular in shape overall, but will also feature a triangular edge to ensure users are putting the wire inside the port rightly.

Here’s an excerpt from the patent application:

A power adapter for a peripheral device such as portable electronics device is disclosed. The power adapter includes a housing that contains electrical components associated with the power adapter. The power adapter also includes a data port provided at a surface of the housing. The data port is configured to provide external power to the peripheral device.

It has been long rumored that Apple will ditch the current 30 pin connector in favor of a new 19 pin connector, that will save space on device for battery and other internals. Though it looks like a simple and logical step for Apple, there is a lot more at stake then it seems. Many believe that thousands of different accessories made for 30 pin connector, including wires, speakers, and other stuff will become useless if Apple adopts a different kind of pin, and that will be a major set back for accessory makers. But a simple solution for this could be a extension wire or port that would convert older to newer port.


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