App Store goes down worldwide

As of right now Apple’s App Store is down in many parts of the world. Users from all over the world are complaining on social networking websites that they are not able to connect to the App Store to purchase or download an app. This outage however seems to only affect the iOS App Store, as we were able to download apps from the Mac App Store, but couldn’t do the same using iTunes or the App Store app on iOS devices.

It is unclear whether this outage is scheduled or has been caused due to some glitch in Apple’s system. Apple has not announced shutdown due to scheduled maintenance  for the App Store, nor it has issued an official statement.

We are updating this story as we get more info.

Update: TNW reports that if you sign out of your Apple ID on iPhone or iPad, and then sign in again, you will be able to use the App Store normally.

Is App Store down for you? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to mention your location.

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