New in iOS 6: Free app and update downloads without password

No one likes to enter passwords before downloading an app, especially when downloading a free app  or update to an app that is already installed. Good news is that things are going to get a lot more better as far as app downloading is concerned in iOS 6. In iOS 6 beta 3 Apple has changed the way users download an app, and from now on iOS 6 users will no longer have to enter their password when downloading a free app from the App Store on an iPhone or iPad. Not only for the free app downloads, Apple has also eliminated the need of entering the password when downloading an update for an app, whether it is for a free or paid.

The only times users will need to enter their password will be when download a paid application or downloading in-app purchases from the App Store. It is a nice thing for Apple to do, that will make the App Store experience even better and save a lot of time for users by not asking them to enter their passwords unnecessarily.

Apple will release iOS 6 publicly in the fall with many new features and enhancements. You can follow our coverage of iOS 6 related news here.

[Img credit: Memelog]