iPod touch 5th generation (2012 model) to feature 4-inch screen, faster processor, and iPad-like back

According to a report by Japanese site Macotakara, Apple’s next iPod touch just like the next iPhone will feature a 4-inch LCD instead of 3.5-inch found on the current model. Not only the screen is going to be bigger, according to the report, this time Apple has finally decided to give iPod touch a new back, replacing it’s scratchy metallic mirror finish with aluminium material found on the iPad. The report by Macotakara also points towards a mysterious hole at the lower back of the new device. The site speculates that this could be the speaker of the device. That means Apple is going to change the speaker’s position from bottom of the device to it’s back in the 2012 model.

The new device will feature a dual core processor found in iPhone 4S. Other internal specs will also be borrowed from iPhone 4S., the report suggests. iPod touch 5th generation will be produced in two colors, the usual black and white.

Addition of a 4-inch screen will make iPod touch longer and the larger screen will make it easier and more fun for users to watch movies, play games, read books and browse the internet. The replacement of the back is a also a great news for users, as the current material used by Apple for iPod touch’s back gets scratched very easily and makes the device look old, even when it is only one week old unless you have some kind of protection on it.

Last year Apple released no update for iPod touch, and kept the device same as it was relased back in 2010. Apple only released a new white model of the device that was basically same, and slashed the price from $229 to $199 for the entry level model. But this time it seems that the company has plans to release a big update for it’s widely popular iPod model. The new iPod touch is expected to get released in September or October of this year.


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