Apple airs new iPhone 4S commercial featuring Martin Scorsese

Apple is now airing a new iPhone 4S/Siri ad featuring legendry film director Martin Scorsese. The ad features Mr. Scorsese in a taxi, who is asking Siri about his schedule for the day, doing edits to his schedule using Siri, using Find My Friend Service to locate his friend Rick on the map, and asking queries related to traffic. This is the first time Apple has showed it’s Find My Friends service in a commercial.

Siri helps Mr. Scorsese change up his jam-packed schedule on the fly.

This ad with Martin Scorsese is the fifth Siri ad featuring a celebrity and he is the fourth celebrity to do an Apple iPhone 4S ad. Previously Apple has done Siri ads with Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, and two ads with Actor John Malkovich.