Report: iOS grabbed 68 percent tablet marketshare in the last quarter

In it’s quarterly earnings report yesterday Apple announced that it sold over 17 million iPads in Q2 2012. Based on that figure research firm Strategy Analytics has published a report estimating the tablet marketshare of the last quarter. The report reveals which company has the most marketshare up it’s sleeves and which one is closest to the current market leader, i.e is Apple’s iPad. According to the report Apple iOS grabbed 68.3 percent tablet marketshare in Q2 2012, which is 6.3 percent up from last year’s same quarter.

It’s nearest competitor was Android that had 29.3 percent tablet marketshare, interestingly it’s tablet marketshare saw no increase from last year’s quarter despite the release of popular tablets including Kindle Fire and others. The bad news in this report was for Microsoft that only had 1.2 percent market share in the last quarter, down from 4 percent in last year’s same quarter. The major blow to Microsoft’s tablet marketshare came from iOS that grew on expense of Mircosoft and ‘others’ marketshare.

Another interesting piece of information that this study reveals is the total amount of tablets sold by different companies in the last quarter. According to the report Apple sold 9.3 million iPads in the last year’s quarter, that grew to 17 million sold in Q2 2012 as announced by the company yesterday.

Android tablet makers also saw a boost in sales, though it was not as significant as in the case of Apple. In Q2 2011 Android tablets makers that include Samsung, Amazon, Acer and Asus sold 4.4 million tablets, whereas they sold 7.3 million in this year’s Q2.

After reading this report and getting details of iPad sales in the last quarter by Apple, it seems like Apple iPad is unstoppable at this moment. And with rumors related to iPad mini coming from every corner, it seems that Apple’s share is only going to increase over the next few months.

[via MacRumors/StrategyAnalytics]

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