Search the web with Google’s new handwrite feature on your iOS devices

Google has launched a new handwriting recognition feature for mobile devices called Handwrite that allows users to search the web using the world most popular search engine by writing their search query on screen of their touch enabled device using their fingers. Once enabled the handwriting bar starts appearing at the bottom of the screen. To use handwriting recognition feature users can tap on the ‘g’ button and start writing on the screen of their device. The handwrite feature also allows users to enter space or erase a letter that was mistyped.

This new Handwrite feature works pretty good when you are using it on a tablet, that features a larger screen than a smartphone. On phones it is somewhat hard to type a word that conveniently.

The new handwriting recognition feature is fully compatible with iOS devices and users can enable it by going to on their iOS devices using Safari or any other web browser.

Remember this feature is still in beta, so issues may occur during usage.