Solar weather app for iPhone and iPod touch [Review]

Ever since smartphones have become abundant in our lives, one of the most useful feature of this important device has been to tell the current weather conditions to the user. There are several weather apps available in the App Store for those who are not satisfied by Apple’s on iOS devices. If you are among those then another weather app has become available that aims to become your primary weather app on your iOS device and tell you the weather conditions of your hometown as well as other parts of the world that matter to you most in a unique and simple way. Solar weather app for iPhone for iPod touch can be called the ‘Clear’ of weather apps. The app feature similar user-interface as the popular to-do app Clear. Read on for our complete review of Solar weather app for iPhone and iPod touch.

As I have already mentioned Solar weather app features a unique interface that is both attractive and fun to use. It can be navigated with different gestures and users can add as many cities as they want to get detailed weather reports for each by simply sliding their finger. Solar alongwith telling the weather conditions of the city, also mentions the local time which is also a very useful feature of the app.

Two of the most unique features of Solar app allow users to check the detailed weather conditions of any city by sliding their finger in upwards or downward directions. When users slide upwards the screen changes in real time with a clock showing times for different parts of the day. Using this feature users can check how weather will be like in upcoming hours. The app also shows the expected weather condition for that particular time, telling the users if their are chances of thunderstorm or the weather will be partly cloudy.  

Sliding the finger downwards reveals the weather reports for the next three days. It shows the maximum and minimum temperature alongwith a cloud glyph showing whether the weather conditions will be sunny or rainy on that day.

To view all cities lined up in the form of live tiles users can perform a pinch out gesture, or double tap on their iPhone’s screen. These live tiles as I like to call them seem to be inspired from Windows Phone’s interface, as not only they have current temperature and name of the city listed on them, but they also show the current weather condition of that particular city with coloured background and moving imagery. For example on London’s tile in the image above, the app was displaying falling water droplets to show expected rain and wind.

Adding a new city is quite simple, slide towards left on your screen until you reach the far end. There you can enter the name of the city, or choose from the list that gets updated as you enter the initial letters of the name of the city you are trying to add. This particular screen gives you a feel like you are using a Windows Phone device.

Solar app comes with a few customization and social options. Users can turn the vibration mode for notifications on or off, and can also choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit for weather reports.

Solar is a nice replacement to Apple’s for iPhone and iPod touch users. But if you have an iPad you will be dissappointed to know that it does not natively support iPad. Solar features a unique interface that is intuitive to use and easy to get used to, and I am sure that it’s minimalistic approach will make you happy.

Solar Weather app for iPhone and iPod touch is available in the App Store for $0.99 for a limited time. If you like the app this is the best time to grab it from the App Store. Unfortunately it is not a universal app, yet.

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