Fully assembled photos of next iPhone allegedly reveal how the device would look like

A Japanese site named iLabFactory (via 9to5Mac) has posted some photos that allegedly reveal how Apple’s next iPhone would look like. The device as you can see in the images looks exactly like what people have been speculating based on the parts that have leaked over the last few months. The pictures suggest that the  next iPhone will indeed feature a longer screen, thinner design, and a new kind of USB connection port that will be smaller than the one found on today’s iOS devices. The device in the images also has a back that is made of two colors instead of one, and features a greyish-green color as secondary along with the traditional black of iPhone 4 and 4S. It would be interesting to see Apple doing such a thing.

You can see more photos after the break, and many more by hitting the source link after the break.


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