Cannot Connect to iTunes Store. App Store goes down [Update: Issue resolved]

It seems Apple’s online services are having a bad day today. Earlier many users reported that their email messages are disappearing from iCloud, and now it appears that App Store is down too, as most users are unable to make a purchase or download a free app from the store . Users have taken it to Twitter to ask others whether they are experiencing the same problem as well.  As of right now the App Store is down for us too, as we were unable to download an app from the App Store. Users trying to download apps on their iOS devices are treated with the following message.

“Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”

The outage seems to be widespread as people from all over the world are reporting issues related to the App Store. It can be confirmed that Apple has not announced any scheduled maintenance for the App Store today.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Is App Store down for you too? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: The App Store is now working again.

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