Steve Jobs responded receptively when asked about a 7-inch tablet back in January 2011

During Samsung’s cross examination of iOS chief Scott Forstall it was revealed that back in January 2011 Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software and Services asked Steve Jobs about a possible 7-inch iPad, he responded receptively. In January 2011, Eddy Cue wrote an email to his colleagues including the current CEO Tim Cook in which he wrote that there will be a market for a 7-inch tablet and we should do one too. He also quoted an article by some journalist who had recently dumped his iPad in favour of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch. Eddy Cue wrote in the email that he tends to agree with the comments made by the writer in the article.

He even said that he expressed this thought several times since Thanksgiving to then Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who was also receptive of the idea of a 7-inch tablet.

Steve Jobs has been considered anti-7″ tablet as he expressed negative thoughts related to the device of this particular size several times. We have attached a Youtube video below that features audio clip of Steve Jobs giving out his thoughts on a smaller tablet during an earnings call back in 2011.

iPad mini rumors picked up pace in last few months after Google announced it’s Nexus 7 tablet that sells at $199. Tech pundits say that after Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, it has become inevitable for Apple to introduce a tablet with a smaller screen and lesser price than the current iPad. Last month we also received schematics that revealed to us how this new Apple device will look like, if it ends up in the market.

[Via TheVerge]

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