Kickstarter project Sci-Com 3000 wants you to wear your iPhone on your wrist or arm

A new Kickstarter project by Sci-Fact design aims to make you wear your iPhone on the wrist or arm. The band that is called Sci-Com 3000 is no ordinary arm band as it also allows users to place their iPhone in the case and use it as a mount while taking pictures or sending a text thanks to it’s unique slide and lock feature. Sci-Come 3000 features a unique design that converts your iPhone into a Sci-fi wrist communicator, that you might have seen in Sci-fi movies. Sci-Com 3000 comes in two variants, the other one that is called Sci-Com 3000 features a built-in backlit bluetooth keyboard that can be used after sliding up the iPhone, while it is sitting on the dock.

Sci-Com 3000 focuses on security as well as ease of use, something that is missing from other similar arm band cases available for iPhone today. Most of them either have good security features for the device, but are pain in the ass to use or they are easier to use but do not give required protection to the device itself, making iPhone vulnerable.

With Sci-Com 3000′s patent pending design you can easily slide off your phone from the band and answer calls, or you can just slide it up and answer the call using the speaker phone or the bluetooth headset. It is also quite easy to use Siri and ask random questions from it while your iPhone is mounted on the case, adding more Sci-Fi flavor to Siri and your iPhone.

Both varients of Sci-Com 3000 come in two colors that include black and white. You can choose the color of the arm band from 10 available colors including white, black, green, red, blue and more.

Sci-Fi 3000 band is something I myself would like to have, as it can be used while working out, while jogging, walking, or in many other situations.

Sci-Fact is offering pledgers an option to upgrade their order to iPhone 5 if they plan to buy the new iPhone in the future. So if you have booked one for yourself and buy an iPhone when it is released in the fall, you can ask Sci-Fact design to upgrade your order to iPhone 5 from iPhone 4/4S by paying a $10 upgrade fee.

The goal of this project is to collect $50,000 or more from pledgers until September. You can get one black Sci-Com 3000 with black armbad and one clip mount by pledging $59 or more to the project. You can get the special edition Sci-Com 3000 in white color with two bands and one clip mount by pledging $69 or more.

You can get Sci-Com 3000S in black by pledging $79 or more to the project or $89 to get the white version.

To pledge for this project and learn more visit the Kickstarter project page here.

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