Next gen iPhone’s screen size revealed in iOS 6 [screenshots]

The hottest rumor about the next generation Apple iPhone, also dubbed as iPhone 5 is that it will feature a longer screen that will measure 4-inch diagonally. The new device is also rumoured to feature a resolution of 640×1136. Now 9to5Mac is reporting that they have found proof in iOS 6 beta that Apple has been testing the new screen size, as Apple’s latest iOS is scalebale to a taller display. By making some tweaks to iOS simulator application for Mac, folks over at 9to5Mac were able to run the simulation of iOS at 640×1136 resolution, as a result iOS showed 5 rows of icons instead of usual 4. When same experiment was performed with iOS 5.1, the screen appeared stretched instead of adding a new row like it did in the simulation of iOS 6.

Interestingly when it was tried to run the simulator at resolutions other than 640×1136, the simulator did not perform as well as it did before. This suggests that the next iPhone could feature a larger screen with a resolution of 640×1136 instead of 640×960 found on current iPhone.

As 9to5Mac points out, the fact that iOS is scaleable to longer resolution than the one found on current iPhone does not confirms that Apple is going to release an iPhone with larger display, as Apple could just be testing this resolution on one of it’s prototypes for the next iPhone, and could have decided to drop the design during the process.

Though this leak in iOS 6 does not confirms anything, it has been rumored from quite some time now that Apple’s next iPhone will feature a longer display, as many leaked parts have suggested in last few months.

Apple is expected to announce iPhone 5 in September and it is well expected to feature faster processors, longer screen, thinner design, better cameras, and more.

[Mockup by NoWhereElse]

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