iOS 6 hints at smaller 9-pin connector for future iOS devices

It looks like iOS 6 beta is full of hidden treasures of information related to future iOS devices. Earlier 9to5Mac unveiled iOS 6′s ability to scale at 640×1136 resolution for a possible large screen iPhone. Now they are reporting that iOS 6 has hints of 9-pin dock connector hidden in it’s code. The particular piece of code with reference to 9-pin connector for iOS devices is found in the part of iOS that details general hardware details for all iOS devices and not just iPhone. That means as previously reported, Apple is going to add a smaller dock to all of it’s iOS devices later this year.

The reference that is hinting towards a smaller 9-pin connector is said to be part of iOS 6 since it’s first beta was released. We have heard reports of Apple adding a smaller dock to iPhone many times before and this piece of code has made our belief in those rumours even stronger. But of course nothing can be called final until we see Tim Cook and his team revealing the next generation of iOS devices on stage in coming months.


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