More alleged iPhone 5 parts including battery pack and new nano sim card slot leaked

As the expected launch date for the next generation iPhone approaches, more alleged iPhone 5 parts have started to emerge over the internet. For starters, 9to5Mac has posted photos of the new iPhone’s battery packs that were produced in June 2012. These alleged next generation iPhone’s battery packs features capacity of 1440 mAh, that is slightly more than the battery found on iPhone 4S that features a capacity of 1430 mAh. This battery has a voltage 3.8 and wHr or watts-per-hour is 5.45, which is up from iPhone 4S’s battery that features 3.7 voltage and 5.3 wHr.

While this leaked battery pack looks pretty legitimate, the only problem with it is it does not features much improvement when compared with the battery pack of iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S lacks LTE network support, but the new iPhone is well expected to feature LTE network, which requires more battery power than 3G. But as 9to5Mac points out, Apple might have tweaked the processor of the next gen iPhone to be more power efficient, so it might not be required to add a more powerful battery in the new iPhone.

Another iPhone 5 related leak came from a Chinese site iColorOS via French blog NoWhereElse. iColorOS has posted photos that feature several parts that they claim to be of Apple’s upcoming iPhone. The pictures show several parts including home buttons, front glass panel, volume buttons, new nano-SIM card slot, and the screen’s back protection panel.

What’s interesting about this leak is it shows smaller home buttons for next iPhone than the one’s found on current iOS devices. This leak also shows the nano sim card slot, that has been rumoured from a long time.

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