3D render based on our iPad mini schematics shows how the device might actually look like

The iPad mini drawings we posted back in mid-July have come under the spotlight again after 9to5Mac called them ‘real’ based on the reports they have been hearing from their sources. Now the site has posted a 3D render of the rumored iPad mini, whose height, width, screen size, and overall look is based on reports the site has been hearing from it’s sources and more importantly our schematics. The result as you can see in the image above looks wonderful. Courtesy of designer Maurizio Vitale the image shows us how the new iPad mini might look like if Apple ends up releasing one.

9to5Mac writes

The height, width, screen-size, and more were all calculated based on those aforementioned schematics. Better yet, we’ve also got an iPad mini render that compares the device in size to the current Retina display iPad with a 9.7-inch display. That comparison is also based on the dimensions garnered from the schematics.

While our source was not certain about iPad mini’s screen size last month as it reported 7-inches instead of 7.85-inches, other details have been spot, we can say that based on what other sites are reporting about the device.

Here are the schematics we posted last month.

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