First purported iPad mini part leaks on the web

French website NoWhereElse which has been posting photos of purported iPhone 5 parts is back with a photo of purported internal component that it claims to be of the upcoming and rumored iPad mini tablet. The site notes that it does not has enough information to judge the legitimacy of the leaked part, but it showed the picture to Kyle Wiens of iFixit who says that although the part looks consistent with being an Apple component, he cannot confirm it’s authenticity. The part in question here is an internal component that houses iPad mini’s headphone jack, home button connection, and the new mini dock connector that everyone has been expecting to be the part of the new iPhone as well as all next generation iOS devices in the future.

As you can see in the image above, the iPad mini dock connector showed here is similar to the one for iPhone 5 leaked earlier.

As the site that posted the picture isn’t confident enough itself about this leaked part due to lack of available information, we should take this first alleged part leak as a grain of salt. But the rumors related to iPad mini have become stronger in the last few days, and chances are that we might actually get a new kind of iOS device later this year.

[NoWhereElse via MacRumors]

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