Gizmodo posts alleged photo of iPad mini display. Is this thing real? (Update: fake)

If the leaked photo of iPad mini’s internal part and a 3D render was not enough for your daily dose of iPad mini rumors you are going to enjoy this one. Gizmodo reports that it has received a picture of a display unit that is said to be of the rumored iPad mini. Gizmodo says that the source it has received the image from has strong business ties in China, that explains where the image is originated from. Giz’s source tells that the display of this mysterious Apple device measures at 7.85-inches diagonally and does not feature iPad’s typical 4:3 aspect ratio, which is strange as all the reports are pointing otherwise.

Gizmodo showed the image to iFixit’s Kyle Wiens, who according to the site wasn’t sure if this was a real iPad mini part. Gizmodo notes that this display panel could have been ripped off from another tablet but that seems unlikely as there are not many tablets available with same screen size as the panel is said to be of.

While Gizmodo is certain enough that this is indeed an iPad mini display (that’s why they decided to post it), many are skeptical about this particular leak and think that someone has screwed Giz by sending a ripped Kindle Fire display labelling it as iPad mini’s.

On this one, we are on the skeptical side too but who knows, we might actually be looking at a legitimate iPad mini display here. What do you think?

Update: After performing a few searches on ebay, we were able to find many Kindle Fire displays that look astonishingly similar to the ‘iPad mini display’ Gizmodo posted today. Here’s a picture of a Kindle Fire display from ebay, notice the similarities with the image above.

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