Puported iPad mini case appears to confirm rumored design

Following the busy week of iPad mini rumors we have now received photos of a purported iPad mini case. The transparent white protective case brings nothing new to the table, but what makes this particular case significant is that it’s design details are same as what we have been hearing about how the iPad mini will look like from last few months. The design of this case appears to be same as the schematics we posted last months, and pretty much what 9to5Mac has reported about the rumored device’s design this week.

As you can see in the images above the case has a camera slot, opening for volume controls on one side, a large slot at the bottom for USB slot, and an opening at the back supposedly for mic.

This is perhaps the first time we have seen a real iPad mini case. Previously we posted renderings of the cases made by case maker Fullhull that also featured similar design details as this transparent case. You can see those renderings below.

After the success of 7-inch tablets released by other companies, it is expected that Apple will finally release a new tablet with smaller screen and a low price point later this year. Although it was long thought that Apple and especially it’s visionary co-founder Steve Jobs didn’t like the 7-inch form factor, he seems to have a change of opinion as it was revealed that he was receptive of the idea when someone at Apple asked him about doing a smaller tablet. iPad mini is expected to feature a 7.85-inch screen, iPod touch like design, dual cameras, new mini dock connector and more. It is expected to cost around $250-$299.

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