Verizon vacation blackout hints at September 21 launch for iPhone 5

It’s close to confirm that the sixth generation iPhone will launch in the month of September. We have heard multiple reports claiming that Apple will announce it’s iPhone 5 or the new iPhone on September 12. Now TechCrunch reports that it has heard from a ‘trusted’ Verizon employee that the carrier will be having a vacation blackout for all of it’s staff from Friday, September 21 to the end of the month. What makes this news significant is that carriers usually have such vacation blackouts when they launching something major, in this case a new iPhone.

When we put things in perspective, the picture becomes clearer as Apple is expected to announce iPhone on September 12 and will take the pre-orders on the same day, then after 10 days it will start shipping the phones to it’s customers. iMore also posted similar information in which it reported that Apple will announce and take pre-orders for iPhone 5 on September 12 and will ship it 9 days after the event.


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