New USB cable featuring new 8 pin connector gets pictured

We know it as a fact based on bunch of rumors and reports we have heard in the past few months that Apple will replace the 30 pin dock connector with a new smaller 8 pin connector from it’s future iOS devices starting iPhone 5 next month. Now iLounge has posted a picture that it has received from Chinese accessory maker Veister that shows the new cable. The cable seen in the image above looks exactly like what we have been hearing in reports. The cable looks similar to the older iPhone charge/sync cable with a USB plug on one end. The only change Apple has made to the cable is it has replaced the larger 30 pin connector with the new 8 pin connector that is significantly smaller than the older one. It is also said to feature dual sides, that means users will be able to insert it in their device without worrying about direction, as it works either way.

Even if this particular cable isn’t legitimate, the new cable will look identical to the one pictured above and future iPhones, iPads, iPad minis, and iPods will work with this one instead of the 30 pin connector found on today’s devices.


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