Doodle Jump 3.0 with Ninja theme and upgrades hits the App Store

Popular and ‘Insanely addictive’ Doodle Jump game for iOS has received a major update in the App Store that brings new theme and upgrades to the app. As the change log of the app boasts, this is the biggest update the game has received since it was launched a few years ago. Doodle Jump 3.0 for the first time brings Ninja theme to the game with all new power ups, monsters, and obstacles to spice up the gamplay. The new version also allows users to change the outfit of their Doodler, which have their own unique abilities that include making the Doodler invisible to monsters.

From Version 3.0′s change log

Jump in different outfits that give you different abilities – like the DOUBLE JUMPER outfit that lets you jump twice in one jump, or SUMO which enables you to stomps on platforms and shake monsters off the screen. There is also the SHADOW outfit – it makes you invisible to monsters.

Doodle Jump 3.0 also brings a new store feature to the app that allows users to buy upgrades including propellerhats and jetpacks to fly higher. The store also allows users to buy an extra life and a head start boost using real money through in-app purchasing, or with coins they have gathered by playing the game.

Doodle Jump 3.0 update is available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch version, but the iPad version is yet to receive the big update.

If you already own a copy of Doodle Jump then download the updated version for free, if not you can grab it from the App Store for $0.99. iPad version called Doodle Jump HD is available for $2.99.

Download Doodle Jump


Download Doodle Jump HD

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